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Eva9000 software page.

In this page you can find the world wide well known and renewed Visual Basic project, Al © 2016.
This cute and roundly 5 years old program by now has come anyway to its last stage, the next versions will be named Eva9000, or Eva for short, but this is another story, another method, another tools, another loops. However, you can find all the code in my books web page, Arcadia, as matter of the fact Al © 2016 code come published in my last book under the title of Daedalus, so my countless learners, students, wizards and industrial spies won't let themselves down after more then three years of waiting since Knoss book publication.
Good read and good luck you all!!!

About these program.

Despite Al © 2016 has been designed and painted under poor light, color, space and time conditions, it seems to be a small, compact, cute and solid program! So, still because the poor condition of light, this little Monalisa seems to have many aspects overviewed, such as eyelashes, black spots, acne, dundruff and nails. However, because I know that my software development followers were hungry for this book I decided to put it down anyway! Enjoy!

Now, I understand that many of my followers are just my eversince archenemies and industrial competitors and spies, I understand that! That's perfectly understandable, but many others, such as fairy godfathers and wizards, really need once in a while to read a book that really inspires! That's why my programming books have had and still have so many downloads! For instance, this one, Daedalus, has been made with special attention to the last in the queue or to the back of the bus people! So, all the best with that!

So, let's get into serious software development or perhaps small, powerful, cute and rounder good old Visual Basic programming! Let's get into Al ©
However, if any of the followers wish to partecipate actively to the development of Al © project, well, Eva9000 from the next year, I warmley welcome them all, rich, poor, black, white, chinese and even Godzilla if he wishes to! You just need to ask, or email me or perhaps blog about! Of course, the mine is not a college course or employer office, but if you are really, really interested in Al © development, I am open to any suggestion, idea and finance (Well, why not?)!!!! You'll never know, it might become the fortune of your company, label or name! However, despite its form and shape, it remains an artificial intelligence graphic interface, but you all are invited to partecipate, freely and free of charge, you know, I am getting old and I disperately need some development assistants, secretaries and advisers because or I am shrinking and shrinking too much up or my desk is getting bigger and bigger too much down! Meanwhile, thank you all for having been reading and downloading Al ©, for all these years, and as usual, happy coding!

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